Condensate, Raffinate and Cut Products

Condensate is a generic term that many use to describe a variety of light petroleum streams that range from NGLs to light crude oil. Strictly speaking, a condensate is a mixture of hydrocarbons that exists in a gaseous state in an underground gas reservoir but condenses under atmospheric conditions.

Raffinate is a product which has had a component or components removed. The product containing the removed materials is referred to as the extract. For example, in solvent extraction, the raffinate is the liquid stream which remains after solutes from the original liquid are removed through contact with an immiscible liquid. In metallurgy, raffinating refers to a process in which impurities are removed from liquid material.


PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
1 & I-Butene%Wt43 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
N & I-Butane%Wt2.7 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
Methyl Acetylene%Wt0.14 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
Ethyl Acetylene%Wt0.55 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
Vinyl Acetylene%Wt2.05 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
1,2 – Butadiene%Wt0.5 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
Trans- 2 – Butene%Wt3.5 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
Cis -2- Butene%Wt4.5 MAXAN-JG-NO.1
C-5%Wt0.3 MAXAN-JG-NO.1

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PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
Benzene%WT80 Min.By GC
DN Valuegl2/100g2 Max.UOP 326

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Purity%Wt99 Min
Carbon Monoxideppm (vol)1 Max
Carbon Dioxideppm (vol)2 Max
Ethaneppm (vol)600 Max
Ethyleneppm (vol)500 Max
Other Butenes or Butanesppm (vol)10000 Max
C6 (Not Cyclic)ppm (vol)50 Max

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PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
RVPpsiaMax 11ASTM D 323
IBP°CMin 30ASTM D 86
FBP°CMax 130ASTM D 86
Paraffinic%WtMin 70GC
Olefin%WtMax 14GC
Density @15.6°Ckg/m3650-740ASTM D 4052
Total Sulfurppm (wt)Max 1.5ASTM D 5453
ColorSayboltMin +18ASTM D 156
Leadppb (wt)Max 5GFAAS

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Aromatic Raffinate

PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
Density @20°Cg/ml0.84 MinASTM D 1298
IBP°C60 MinASTM D 86
FBP°C200 MaxASTM D 86
Total Sulfurppm500 MaxASTM D 4294
ColorClear & Light YellowVisual
Aromatic%Wt60 MinGC
Benzene%Wt10 MaxGC
Toluene & Xylene%Wt45 MinGC

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Butane-Butene Raffinate (BBR)

PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
I-Butene%Wt65 MinASTM D 2426
1-Butene%Wt20 MaxASTM D 2426
N & I Butane%Wt4.96 maxASTM D 2426
C3 Cut%Wt0.23 MaxASTM D 2426
Trans-2- Butene%Wt7.48 MaxASTM D 2426
Cis-2-Butene%Wt3.03 MaxASTM D 2426
1, 3 Butadiene%Wt0.3 MaxASTM D 2426

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PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
Sp. Gr. 15.6/15.6 °C0.7228ASTM D 4052
API Gravity°API64.3ASTM D 1298
Sulfur Content%Wt0.03ASTM D 4294
Mercaptan Contentppm144UOP 163
H2S Contentppm<1UOP 163
Water Contentppm104ASTM D 4928
Nitrogen Contentppm<10ASTM D 5762
Saturate Content%Vol91.2ASTM D 1319
Olefin Content%Vol0.7ASTM D 1319
Aromatic Content %Vol8.17ASTM D 1319
Kinematic Viscosity @0°C%Vol0.8897ASTM D 445
Kinematic Viscosity @10°Cmm²/s0.7272ASTM D 445
Kinematic Viscosity @20°Cmm²/s0.6745ASTM D 445
Pour Point°C<-39ASTM D 97
RVPpsi7.55ASTM D 323
Cold Filter Plugging Point°C<-32IP 309
Wax Content%Wt0.03BP 237
Drop Melting Point of Wax°C<1IP 133
Copper Corrosion, 3hrs @ 50°C1bASTM D 130
Total AciditymgKOH/g<1ASTM D 664
Aniline Point°C57ASTM D 611
Molecular Weight138Osmomat
ColorSaybolt30ASTM D 156
Lead Contentppm<1ASTM D 5863