Molten Sulfur is a pale yellow crystalline solid with a faint odor of rotten eggs. Insoluble in water.  Used in sulfuric acid production, petroleum refining, and pulp and paper manufacturing. It is present in an ever widening presence in many industries. Besides the traditional sources of sulfur, such as refineries and natural gas plants, and the well known users of sulfur, such as sulfuric acid plants and fertilizer production, sulfur has become a common feedstock in more conventional chemical production such as tire and rubber additives, polymer production, and even food products.

Molten Sulfur

PropertiesUnitSpecificationTest Method
Purity (on dry basis)%Wt99.5ASTM D 4239
Ash Content%Wt0.002-0.02ASTM D 1509
Acid as H2SO4%Wt0.001-0.03ASTM D 1613
HydrocarbonRI0.03ASTM D 4113
ColorBright Yellow